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Retractable anode gets European patent protection

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IonGuard_unitThe European patent office has approved a retractable sacrificial anode system for wide ranging patent rights in over 30 European countries.

Bruntons Propellers Ltd. of the U.K. says its IonGuard electrolysis protection system is the world’s only in-water fully retractable and replaceable anode.The through-hull design of IonGuard allows its sacrificial anode to be withdrawn, inspected and if required replaced, whilst the boat remains in the water.

Malcolm Perrins of Marine Innovation Partnership who developed and invented the system commented that, “Recent advances in antifouling systems including ultrasound have resulted in boats remaining afloat for longer and longer periods. IonGuard gives the peace of mind that an anode is still protecting your investment, regardless of how long the boat may be afloat”.

IonGuard has already received positive feedback from yachting industry professionals including Nigel Calder who commented “IonGuard should end the practice of hauling out or diving to inspect or replace hull anodes.”

December 6, 2010

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