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Portland to have fastest fire and rescue response boat on Columbia River

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jensenfirebtThe City of Portland, Oregon, has chosen Jensen Maritime Consultants, Inc., a Crowley company, to design the fastest response fire and rescue boat on Oregon’s Columbia River. Until now, Portland Fire & Rescue’s response fleet has consisted of two fast-response fireboats, one large platform fireboat and two fast-response rescue boats. Adding the new high speed boat  will increase the department’s ability to quickly respond to emergencies  from the mouth of the Columbia River to the Bonneville Dam, 140 miles upriver.

Conceptual design is expected to be completed in September, and construction in early 2013. A shipyard has yet to be selected.

Once built, the waterjet-propelled boat, will measure 50 feet in length and 16 feet in beam. Designed to meet NFPA standards, the boat will extinguish flames by engaging fire monitors, which can spray water and/or fire-fighting foam directly on fires from a distance of 100 feet. Additional design features include a lightweight aluminum hull, a main deck and pilot house that will accommodate up to four crewmembers and five passengers; twin electronic-controlled diesel engines that enables the vessel to reach 40 knots; and a fuel capacity and efficiency that makes it possible for the boat to remain on scene for up to eight hours without refueling.

“This new high-performance fireboat will be an incredible asset within the City of Portland’s fleet,” said Jensen VPJohan Sperling. “The fact that they chose Jensen to contribute towards the design is an honor. Our knowledge of what it takes to create a successful high-speed emergency response boat will serve the city well. We look forward to delivering the design package and seeing the vessel built.”

Jensen has experience designing fireboats of all types for major cities on the West Coast. Jensen’s recent vessel designs include a 108-foot fireboat and 50-foot fast-attack fireboat for the Seattle Fire Department; three 40-foot fireboats for the Los Angeles Fire Department; a 40-foot fireboat for the Los Angeles County Fire Department; and a 37-foot, 40-knot patrol boat and 44-foot patrol boat for the Seattle Police Department.

PF&R, with an annual budget of approximately $91 million, is the largest fire service agency in Oregon. It has approximately 755 employees and responds to approximately 66,000 emergencies a year. PF&R’s current fleet responds to over 300 emergency aid calls a year from boaters in distress, dive responses, ship and boat fires, debris removal, high water conditions, bridge jumpers, and mutual aid calls. PF&R fireboats and rescue boats respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week in all weather and sea conditions.

Seattle-based Jensen Maritime Consultants, Inc., is a naval architecture and marine engineering firm owned by Crowley Maritime Corporation.

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