NYK Line orders 4 LNG-fueled Capesizes

Written by Nick Blenkey
LNG fueled bulker

wo Nihon Shipyard vessels will feature single LNG fuel tank aft of accommodation block.

Japan’s NYK Line has placed orders for four LNG-fueled Capesize bulk carriers at three shipyards.

Three will be built in Japan (two at at Nihon Shipyard, one at Namura Shipbuilding) while the fourth will be built in China at CSSC-affiliated Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding.

Vessel to be built at Namura (Credit: NYK Line)

The four ships are not of identical design with the Namura and CSSC ships utilizing different placements of the LNG fuel tanks from that used in the Nihon Shipyard vessel.

CSSC SWS vessel design features two LNG tanks (Credit: NYK Line)

No price has been disclosed and the ships will be delivered sequentially from 2024 to 2025.

NYK Line says it sees LNG fueled vessels as one of the bridge solutions to future zero emission vessels and that it will continue to systematically and gradually introduce LNG fuel vessels until the realization of zero-emission vessels that use marine fuels such as hydrogen and ammonia.

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