New report highlights growing marine and maritime robotics market

Written by Marine Log Staff
Underwater robot

SPONSORED CONTENT: With Earth’s population nearing 8 billion people, the next phase of humanity critically depends on using technology and infrastructure wisely to help protect all of the planet’s resources. This includes the waters of our oceans.

We are now seeing robots and other unmanned vehicles that survey, monitor, research, and protect the oceans and their depths. As we explore the oceans, robots with environmental safeguards can protect the waters while also performing tasks that are either too dangerous or repetitive for humans.

In a special report, Robotics Data has accumulated a list of more than 30 companies and organizations currently developing robotics or unmanned systems that operate on the surface or under the water. Our report highlights several of their projects, as well as military usage of unmanned vehicles for defense purposes as well. For companies looking to work with these marine and maritime robotics companies, this report gives an overview of the market and the major players in the space.

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