MPA pulls bunker license, cites “magnetic interferences”

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Mass Flow Meters were supposed to end bunkering scams, right? Apparently not if there’s a magnet involved.

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has revoked the bunker craft operator license of Inter-Pacific Petroleum Pte Ltd with effect from October 15, 2019. Inter-Pacific will not be allowed to operate as a bunker craft operator in the Port of Singapore.

The MPA says that as part of its ongoing efforts to ensure the integrity of bunkering in Singapore, checks were conducted on Inter-Pacific earlier this year.

MPA’s checks and subsequent investigations revealed magnetic interferences affecting measurements of bunkers supplied in numerous Mass Flow Meter readings across Inter-Pacific’s fleet of bunker tankers.

Inter-Pacific had also failed to ensure that its employees, including its cargo officers, comply with the terms and conditions of the license.

As Inter-Pacific also holds a Bunker Supplier License issued by MPA, MPA is currently investigating Inter-Pacific for breaching the terms and conditions of the Bunker Supplier License.

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