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Written by Nick Blenkey
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Sedna founder and CEO Bill Dobie: Outmoded tools are productivity killers

MAY 8, 2018 — Shipowners are making increasing use of team collaboration and transaction management software, according to Sedna Systems. The company also predicts that 2018 will be a breakthrough year in the wider adoption of these collaboration tools across multiple industries.

Sedna provides cloud-based team communication and transaction management software that is fit for purpose in the shipping, transportation and logistics sectors to provide a faster, more secure and more efficient team communication tool than traditional email systems. Using cloud-based technology, 4.35 million messages were sent in 2017 and early evidence in 2018 indicates further rapid growth this year.

According to Bill Dobie, Founder & CEO, Sedna, this trend is set to have a transformative impact on commercial operations within the shipping sector:

“When it comes to shipping’s digital transformation, the industry’s attention has been focused on vessel-based technologies, but there are also huge inefficiencies in the shore-based operations of many organizations. Personal email systems like Outlook were never meant for team collaboration or business transactions. For fast-moving environments, such as the offices of shipowners, brokers, charterers, and traders, these outmoded tools are productivity killers. By contrast, team collaboration tools such as Sedna can save users up to two full-time hours per day; a huge saving in time, resource, and money.”

Noel Pullen, President, Sedna, says that a growing number of high-profile shipping organizations are leading the way in the adoption of transaction management software: 

“In a tough shipping market, the sentiment of ‘time as a commodity’ has never been more relevant to commercial operations. It is great to see forward-looking organisations such as Glencore, Seaspan, Monson Agencies Australia, and more benefiting from the efficiencies of team collaboration by using Sedna. We helped these companies lower their operating costs and send over 4 million messages last year. As a result, we are witnessing an accelerated rate of adoption for transaction management software in the shipping sector.”

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