MARAD: $19.6 million available for Small Shipyard Grants

Written by Nick Blenkey
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According to a notice published in the Federal Register by the U.S. Maritime Administration, $19.6 million is currently available under the Small Shipyard Grant program.

The grants are available “for capital and related improvements to qualified shipyard facilities that will be effective in fostering efficiency, competitive operations, and quality ship construction, repair, and reconfiguration.”

The notice says that it is expected, based on experience, that the aggregate amount of requested funding among all applicants will far exceed the funds available and that only a small percentage of applications will be funded. It is anticipated that roughly 10–20 applications will be selected for funding with an average grant amount of about $1 million.

Applications must be received by April 16.

The notice spells out the hoops that shipbuilders will have to jump through to file an application.

Read it HERE

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