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MAN launches new high speed marine engine line

Written by Nick Blenkey

new MAN high speedAUGUST 23, 2012 — Nuremburg-based MAN Engines will introduce a new high speed engine line at next month’s SMM event. The D2868 LE421 and LE422 are fully classified marine diesel engines for medium- and heavy-duty operation, using common-rail technology to meet the most widely applicable exhaust-gas standards.

In the D2868, MAN says it is offering the first eight-cylinder engine with common-rail technology for medium- and heavy-duty operation. The use of the latest common-rail technology plus internal measures enable the engine to meet exhaust-gas standards worldwide together while delivering improved fuel consumption and lower noise emissions. Its full certification by the major classification societies expands the range of operating options open to ship owners and captains. The first product variant, the D2868 LE423 for light-duty operation, has already established itself on the market.

In heavy-duty operation, the MAN D2868 LE421, for applications requiring up to 100 percent full load over unlimited periods of time, develops 441 kW (600 hp) at 1,800 rpm. With the D2868 LE421, MAN has expanded its range of new-generation high-speed diesel engines towards the lower end of the power output spectrum. Designed primarily for installation in tugs, push boats and heavy working vessels, this efficient eight-cylinder engine promises reliable operation with minimal service costs and low fuel consumption. The MAN D2868 LE421 is available for delivery from the first quarter of 2013 on.

The D2868 LE422 expands the range of power outputs suitable for medium-duty operation of up to 3,000 operating hours per annum of which 50 percent are at full load. The D2868 LE422 delivers 588 kW (800 hp) at 2,100 rpm. It replaces the non-classified D2848 LE422 and develops ten percent more power at the same speed. The efficient eight-cylinder engine from MAN is preferably installed in passenger vessels, fishing boats and patrol boats. It is characterised by its low fuel consumption and great reliability. The D2868 LE 422 is available in both classified and non-classified versions from the first quarter of 2013.

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