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MAN Diesel & Turbo power for Chinese rescue ships

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chinarescuemicroTwo large rescue vessels being built for the Chinese Ministry of Transport will have complete twin-screw complete propulsion packages from MAN Diesel & Turbo based on its latest MAN L48/60CR engines, Renk RSHL reduction gears and newly designed Alpha Mk 5 propellers.  

The ships are to be built by the CSSC GuangZhou HuangPu Shipbuilding Company Limited, China. The 117 m vessels will have speeds up to 22 knots and will operate for the BeiHai Rescue Bureau and DongHai Rescue Bureau.  


The twin MAN 6L48/60CR (Tier II common rail) main engines produce 1,200 kW per cylinder and power RSHL1000 reduction gears from MAN Diesel & Turbo’s sister company Renk AG. The Renk gears  feature shaft alternators driven from 2,400 kW primary PTO’s.  

Completing the power train, are twin four-bladed 4.0 m diameter Alpha VBS1020 Controllable Pitch Propellers of the new highly-efficient Mk 5 design generation. Tail shafts of 20 m and 3 x 8.5 m intermediate shafting are specified.  

Two Alphatronic 2000 propulsion control and management systems (for engine control room, main bridge and aft bridge control stations) handle propulsion power and speed control.  

Mr. Goetz Kassing, General Manager, MAN Diesel Shanghai Co. Ltd. explains: “The 48/60CR engines have been chosen for these rescue vessel newbuildings due to their wide operational flexibility and their combination of favorable fuel efficiency, low emissions levels and invisible smoke under part-load operation. With flexible control of injection pressure, timing and rate shaping, common rail fuel injection allows emissions and fuel consumption to be optimised over the engine’s entire load range. Combined with the new Mk 5 generation of Alpha CP Propellers, ultimate ship propulsion power and speed flexibilities are offered for the many operating modes and mission tasks of the rescue vessels.”  

The first ship set of MAN Diesel & Turbo equipment is scheduled  for October 2011 delivery and the second ship set for March 2012.

January 3, 2011

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