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MAN 28/33D STC engine passes Type Approval Testing

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Pictured at the MAN 28/33D STC TAT (from left to right, MAN Diesel & Turbo unless stated): Markus Herrmann – Head of Engine Quality Site Inspection, Lian CAO (CCS – Senior Surveyor), Alexander Kadyshev (Class RS – Senior Surveyor), Robert Anton Pintar – Responsible Test Engineer 28/33D STC, Dr. Armin Müller – Classification Engineer, Paul Donnelly (IR CLAAS – Surveyor), R. Joehnk (Class NK – Senior Surveyor), Franz Bisch – Classification Engineer, Stanislav Artemyev (RINA – Marine Surveyor), Thomas Kremser – Head of Engine Test, Daniel Degen – Head of Diesel Engine Test

JUNE 8, 2018 — MAN Diesel & Turbo’s MAN 28/33D STC engine passed Type Approval Testing (TAT) at the end of April 2018 at the company’s works in Augsburg, Germany.

The TAT was supervised by classification society representatives from the China Classification Society, Class NK, Registro ltaliano Navale, the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and the Indian Register of Shipping.

Daniel Degen, Head of Diesel Engine Testing at MAN Diesel & Turbo said:
“Testing followed the time schedule precisely and the engine performed perfectly on the testbed. The TAT is important as it showcases the 28/33D STC’s continued relevance both to the market and our licensees, and we are very happy with the result.”

The MAN 28/33 engine was originally certified in 2002 and has since been continuously developed in terms of product improvement and customer benefit on the one hand, and to meet new legislation on the other.

The last, significant developmental step in the engine’s lifetime was the introduction of sequential turbocharging (STC) in 2012, which markedly improved its dynamic behavior and enlarged the operation range of the engine for high torque operation on the double propeller curve.

Previously, the engine had already been accepted by seven classification societies (ABS, BV, DNV GL, LR, TL, CR). With this extension of the approval, the V28/33D STC is now certified by a total of twelve classification societies.

Certification facilitates the use of the engine in mechanical applications up to 500 kW/cyl (ICFN) or 455 kW/cyl (MCR) in ships worldwide. Using primary measures, the engine complies with IMO Tier II emission limits, while – in combination with MAN Diesel & Turbo’s customized SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system – it can also meet IMO Tier III legislation.

The TAT in Augsburg took place over three days and covered the integration test of the engine safety and control system (SaCoS), the performance run and a final component inspection.

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