LNG: AG&P takes stake in “Detachable Stern Vessel” innovator

Written by Nick Blenkey
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anfer’s Detachable Stern Vessel is claimed to be “an advanced version of the commonly used Articulated Tug Barge (ATB)”

Singapore-headquartered Atlantic Gulf & Pacific (AG&P), a global downstream gas and LNG logistics specialist, has made a strategic equity investment in Kanfer Shipping.

Kanfer is a Norway-based developer of small-scale LNG sea transportation solutions that include a barge designed to make breaking bulk cargoes of LNG easier, faster and more efficient.

Kanfer’s small-scale solution uses a patented Detachable Stern Vessel (DSV) design to create what AG&P describes “as an advanced version of the commonly used Articulated Tug Barge (ATB).”

Kanfer’s DSV efficiently transports LNG to and from an FSU, FSRU or land-based LNG terminals via a small and maneuverable barge that brings LNG to drop-points up rivers and along coasts.

Kanfer’s DSV is designed to easily navigate rivers and coastlines, including in poor weather conditions and difficult sea states. Its shallow draft allows access to downstream customers seeking to minimize marine infrastructure costs. These advantages enable new LNG service for smaller demand centers or for larger demand centers in places that are less accessible.

“AG&P’s goal is to bring LNG to new markets. One of the missing links has been the capability to break-bulk LNG affordably,” said Karthik Sathyamoorthy, President of LNG Terminals and Logistics at AG&P. “Kanfer’s designs unlock these new markets and solve a critical gap in the LNG supply chain for nascent and growing markets. We are thus delighted to bring Kanfer Shipping into AG&P’s group of companies.

“We have worked long and hard at Kanfer to find a real solution to the LNG virtual pipeline – one that stands on its commercial and technical merits,” said Stig Anders Hagen, Managing Partner at Kanfer Shipping. “Now, we are honored to be partnered with AG&P, a global trailblazer in LNG solutions and gas logistics. Together, we will reduce the cost of LNG infrastructure through Kanfer’s innovative solutions and provide a more robust solution to improve availability and accessibility.”

“AG&P has recognized the rapid and accelerating market shift to LNG as a primary fuel for land and marine applications. Three years ago, we invested in Gas Entec, the leading LNG terminal, bunkering and fuel system engineering company, and today in Kanfer Shipping to create a unique and compelling ecosystem for the development of LNG and gas delivery systems. Kanfer’s expertise complements and expands our passion for an integrated approach to LNG logistics and will enable us to reach new customers in Southeast Asia, the Caribbean and beyond,” said Jose P. Ibazeta, Director of AG&P.

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