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Jensen Maritime redesigns fishing vessel

Written by Nick Blenkey

beringdefender largeSEPTEMBER 10, 2012 — Crowley Maritime Corp. company Jensen Maritime has recently completed a major redesign of the Global Sea-managed fishing vessel Bering Defender.

The project, which improved the vessel’s efficiency and hold capacity, outfitted it for pollock fishing in the challenging waters of Alaska’s Bering Sea. The construction work was carried out at Patti Marine Enterprises in Pensacola, Fla.,and the refurbished fishing boat, formerly named Dona Martita, recently arrived in Seattle after departing the East Coast and transiting the Panama Canal.

Seattle based Global Seas operates a diverse fleet of research and fishing vessels and wanted several design changes to the vessel to optimize it for Alaska waters while making it safer, more comfortable and more efficient to operate. In response, Jensen added a shelter deck, two gantry cranes and increased the fish-hold capacity of the vessel. However, Jensen’s analysis of the vessel revealed that the Bering Defender would also benefit from the addition of a new bulbous bow and a lengthened stern section. Finally, Jensen used the opportunity to completely redesign and expand the crew quarters and pilothouse.

The total design improvements resulted in an increase in the hold capacity by 30 percent with a more efficient vessel that also has a modern and comfortable living arrangement for the crew.

Specifically, Jensen’s work included the addition of a bulbous bow which has decreased the forward trim, making the vessel safer and more efficient in the water. By adding six feet to the redesigned stern, Jensen was able to smooth the water flow aft, which has improved the Bering Defender’s cruising speeds. The new shelter deck allowed the existing winches to be relocated up one deck, giving the vessel additional freeboard for winter operations in Alaska. The fish holds were able to be expanded when the shelter deck was added, thereby increasing the vessel’s total capacity. Finally, Jensen removed the existing deckhouse, raised the deck one level and extended the structure the full width of the boat. The pilothouse was also removed and replaced, and now includes a state-of-the-art electronics suite.

“We always jump at the opportunity to return to our roots by creating and redesigning fishing vessels,” said Johan Sperling, vice president, Jensen. “Our reputation speaks for itself when it comes to designing boats for the challenging waters in Alaska. We are proud of this accomplishment because we turned a serviceable vessel into one that will stand out among the best in the Alaskan fishing fleet.”

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