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Seapower panel seeks $2 billion more for Navy shipbuilding

Written by Nick Blenkey
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APRIL 19, 2016 — The House Committee on Armed Services Subcommittee on Seapower & Projection Forces proposals for the FY 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) authorize procurement of three additional ships (a destroyer, an amphibious ship, and a Littoral Combat Ship) above the administration’s budget and provides an additional $2.3 billion for shipbuilding beyond the President’s budget request.

The Subcommittee, led by Chairman Randy Forbes (R-VA) and Ranking Member Joe Courtney (D-CT), will meet at 3:00 PM tomorrow for its markup session.

“Our military has been asked too often to choose between capacity and capability. My Subcommittee’s mark fundamentally rejects this false choice,” Chairman Forbes said. “This mark increases shipbuilding to $20.6 billion, $2.3 billion more than the President’s budget, and the highest level of shipbuilding funding since the Reagan-Lehman era, adjusting for inflation.It also rejects the administration’s plan to layup 11 cruisers once more, and prevents the disestablishment of one of 10 carrier air wings. With this legislation, we are rejecting further budget cuts, bending the curve lines, and making a down payment on the 350-ship Navy we need for national defense.”

The Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee’s proposal: 

Shifts funding for procurement of the Ohio Replacement submarines into the National Sea Based Deterrence Fund (NSBDF) at the amount requested in the President’s Budget and expands the authorities in the National Sea Based Deterrence Fund to include “continuous production” of Ohio class replacement submarines, allowing the Navy to procure components such missile tubes in one large production run at substantially lower cost.

Preserves the 10th aircraft carrier air wing.

Authorizes the construction an amphibious assault ship, LHA (8).

Authorizes the refueling and complex overhaul (RCOH) of five aircraft carriers.

Retains 11 cruisers in the fleet that the Navy proposed to induct into long-term modernization.

Prohibits the retirement of mine countermeasures ships until replacement capability is fielded.

Provides the requested funding for the B-21 in fiscal year 2017.Chairman Forbes and Ranking Member Courtney also recommend:

Funding for an additional amphibious ship to address the shortfall against the Marine Corps’ requirements.

Funding an additional Littoral Combat Ship.Funding for another destroyer to better support Navy operations in a contested environment.
Advance procurement for CVN-81 to support a move to four-year centered carrier construction and to create economies with CVN-80.Funds additional C-130Js and C-40As.
Authorizes the construction of a National Security Multi-Mission Vessel.

Chairman Forbes says that the between the shipbuilding account and the National Sea-Based Deterrence Fund, the panel’s proposal authorizes $20.6 billion for shipbuilding—the highest level of shipbuilding funding, accounting for inflation, since President Reagan was in office.Read the proposed legislative language HERE

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