Gulf Coast Fuel Supply partners with Fueltrax

Written by Marine Log Staff
Gulf Coast Fuel Supply and Fueltrax CEOs pose with tanker

Robert Love, CEO and founder of Gulf Coast Fuel Supply (left) and Anthony George, CEO and founder, Fueltrax.

Gulf Coast Fuel Supply, an offshore fuel supplier specializing in MGO and VLSFO deliveries at the Galveston, Sabine, S.W. Pass, and Corpus Christi lightering area in Texas, has partnered with Fueltrax to install its fuel monitoring solution on the 11,500 dwt tanker Bonaire Trader.

The Fueltrax technology onboard Bonaire Trader helps Gulf Coast Fuel Supply provide transparency in fuel delivery quantities and gives the buyer and the seller a more accurate volume measurement than traditional methods. Fueltrax Coriolis Smart Meters constantly monitor each fuel transfer’s mass flow, temperature, and density from beginning to end.

“The net effect of having Fueltrax is like having a fuel surveyor on board to monitor the volumes received closely – we can send a detailed log of the transfer afterward to our clients,” says Robert Love, CEO and founder of Gulf Coast Fuel Supply. “The meters allow us to deliver fuel faster than other suppliers because it eliminates the cumbersome process of measuring the fuel tanks before and after delivery.”

“Using Fueltrax saves us about three hours from the total time for a standard fuel transfer,” adds Love. “Overall, our decision to partner with Fueltrax to install Fueltrax’s Coriolis mass flow meters on Bonaire Trader benefits all parties in terms of time, accuracy, and crew safety.”

“We work with a broad scope of vessels, ranging from OSVs, PSVs, tugs and tankers, and collaborate with our clients to understand their specific needs and tailor our product to fit their unique specifications,” says Anthony George, CEO and founder, Fueltrax. “In Robert’s case of needing to facilitate fuel delivery services onboard Bonaire Trader, we provided custom settings to the user interface of Fuelnet and customized bunkering tickets with additional metrics needed to support him in providing the best customer experience to his clients. Our services don’t stop after installation – we remotely provide world-class support and software updates to ensure the client is continually benefitting from our technology.”

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