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Gregg McNelis now iMarine Software COO

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Gregg McNelis

JUNE 14, 2017 — Issa Odeh, CEO of New York based iMarine Software reports that Gregg McNelis, former CEO and President of TBS Ocean Logistics, a dry bulk shipowner and pool operator, has joined the company as Chief Operating Officer.

As a member of the company’s senior leadership team, Mr. McNelis will help shape strategic, operational and commercial business initiatives particularly as they relate to the growth of the Seaproc software and iMarine brand across the globe.

Mr. McNelis brings 35 years of expertise in commercial shipping to iMarine Software and will work closely with shipowners and vendors to identify how to customize their iMarine software assets to save both the buyer (shipowner) and seller (vendor time and money, thus increasing their bottom line.

Back in 2006, during Mr. McNelis’s time at TBS, the company created its own cloud-based IT systems with the now founder and CEO of iMarine, Issa Odeh.

“Issa saved us multi-millions of hard dollar savings to our bottom line, I saw it work from a C-level and from the procurement side,” said Mr. McNelis. “The soft dollar savings in addition were priceless in creating a streamlined process when our competitors were still behind. When I left TBS I knew this was the future for maritime procurement and other facets, having seen it work, I knew this was something I wanted to invest in and be a part of

“This is an exciting time for the Maritime industry as we step into the future in some ways catching up with the world and in other ways making leaps and bounds ahead. We are excited to increase our expertise through a diversified leadership team as we continue along our very exciting path of international expansion and growth,” said Mr. Odeh.

iMarine Software produces and delivers software applications and services for use by the maritime industry that include SeaProc, eProcurement software that benefits both shipping companies as well as suppliers in terms of saving time and efficiency.

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