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FMT back at TY Offshore for four more tank barges

Written by Nick Blenkey

FMT-barge launchAPRIL 1, 2013 — TY Offshore, LLC, Gulfport, Mississippi, reports that FMT Industries—one of several companies within the Florida Marine Group (Florida Marine)—has ordered four additional 297 ft 6 in x 54 ft x 12 ft, 30,000 barrel tank barges.

Launch of tank barge for FMT Industries at TY Offshore, Gulfport

TY Offshore has already delivered six tank barges of the same class to FMT Industries from its Gulfport shipyard. With this new order and options for additional barges, TY Offshore will build up to 34 barges for FMT.

John Dane III, TY Offshore’s President and CEO, said, “TY Offshore is proud that FMT Industries has expressed its satisfaction with the first six barges delivered by ordering these additional barges.”

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