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Environmentally friendly Wattentaxi pioneers Becker battery system

Written by Nick Blenkey
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FEBRUARY 22, 2018 — Operating in the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site, a new Wattentaxi passenger catamaran operated by Watten Fährlinien GmbH features an innovative COBRA (Compact Battery Rack) system from Hamburg headquartered Becker Marine Systems.

Called the Liinsand, the 18.70 m long and 7.20 m wide Wattentaxi carries up to 50 passengers through the Wadden Sea at a maximum speed of 16 knots. With a draft of only 1.35 m, the vessel can operate virtually independent of the tide

Liinsand uses two redundant, hybrid diesel propulsion systems with two propellers, two Becker rudders and two COBRA battery systems rated at 50 kilowatt hours each.

The Wattentaxi currently exceeds all current and planned IMO environmental regulations.

“The goal of clean ship operation is achieved by using state-of-the-art, emission-cleaned diesel engines, a newly developed hybrid transmission and high-performance batteries for low-emission use of the Wattentaxi,” says Dirk Lehmann, a shareholder in Watten Fährlinien GmbH and Managing Director of Becker Marine Systems.

Becker Marine Systems produces the COBRA battery system, which is based on lithium ion cells and specially designed for maritime requirements, at new production facilities in Winsen an der Luhe, located near its Hamburg headquarters.

Battery production can also include the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test).

“COBRA impresses by its lightness and compactness,” says Lehmann, “compared to conventional battery suppliers, we are the leader in terms of the weight and space requirements.”

Becker Marine Systems is well positioned for the expansion of the new business division with many other projects:

“In future, we will be able to cover the complete range from double-digit KWs up to a MW,” says Lehmann.

COBRA (Compact Battery Rack) system


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