Eastern Pacific Shipping to trial Starlink service

Written by Marine Log Staff
Crew connectivity is enhanced by Starlink

EPS has progressively adopted digital solutions to support the efficiency and safety of its operations with a strong focus on programs to enhance crew welfare.

SpaceX’s StarLink LEO (low earth orbit) satcom service is starting to attract attention from a growing range of vessel operators. Now one of the world’s largest shipowners, Singapore-headquartered Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS), is to trial the integration of the high throughput, low latency service..

The Starlink service will initially be trialed onboard selected vessels, integrated into the smart blend of networks, fully managed by Marlink, which already serves the majority of the EPS fleet with VSAT connectivity and multiple L-band backup alternatives.

A Marlink customer since 2016, EPS has progressively adopted digital solutions to support the efficiency and safety of its operations. This includes a strong focus on digitalization and sustainability, covering all aspects of environmental protection and programs to enhance crew welfare.

“Marlink is the right partner to help EPS evaluate and potentially adopt new services that can enhance our operational and seafarer wellbeing strategies,” said Max Wong, Head of IT , Eastern Pacific Shipping. “These trials will provide us with insights into how high throughput and low latency data transfer capabilities will affect business use cases on our vessels. We are optimistic that a successful trial will enable us to accelerate technology adoption, allowing us to do more with less.”

“The focus on new LEO services as a component of the Marlink smart hybrid network is increasing rapidly as shipowners focus on new ways to deliver crew welfare and smart connectivity services,” said Tore Morten Olsen, President, Maritime, Marlink. “Our partnership with Eastern Pacific creates the opportunity to understand and evaluate what Starlink can bring to the table alongside our established hybrid network offering.”

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