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Eastern delivers another OSV for HOS deepwater fleet

Written by Marine Log Staff

redrockslideOCTOBER 23, 2013—One of the largest shipbuilders of offshore service vessels in the world, Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Inc., Panama City, FL, continues to launch and deliver new tonnage for the deepwater Gulf of Mexico fleet. Its latest delivery for the oil patch is the nearly 300-foot-long M/V HOS Red Rock for Hornbeck Offshore Services, LLC, Covington, LA.

Sister to the HOS Red Dawn delivered this past June, the HOS Red Rock is the second of four HOSMAX 300 series DP-2 OSVs ordered by Hornbeck Offshore Services (HOS). The third vessel in the series, the HOS Renaissance, is right behind the HOS Red Rock, undergoing final outfitting, regulatory and DP-2 trials.  Delivery of the HOS Renaissance is scheduled for next month.

The diesel-electric-powered HOS Red Rock has a length of 292 ft, beam of 64 ft and depth of 24 ft 6 in. The OSV is equipped with four Caterpillar 3516C 16-cylinder turbocharged Tier III diesel generator engines, each rated at 1,825 kW at 1,800 rev/min.  Main propulsion power is supplied by two GE Energy furnished Hyundai 2,500 kW 690VAC electric motors that drive two Schottel SRP 2020 FP Z-drives with nozzles rated at 2,500 kW at 1,025 rev/min each for a total of 6,704 hp.  Schottel also provides two STT 4 fixed pitch tunnel thrusters rated at 1,180 kW at 1,170 rev/min, each with direct-coupled Hyundai 690VAC electric motors.

GE Energy Power Conversions provides the complete system integrated diesel-electric package, including the propulsion and thruster drives, motors, control systems, DP system, switchboards, motor control centers, automation and navigation/ communication electronics. The HOSMAX 300 vessels are capable of a maximum speed of 14 knots, with a cruising speed of 12 knots.  The fully integrated bridge is arranged for increased visibility and features the latest technology in navigation, communication equipment.

The HOSMAX 300 OSVs are designed by naval architectural and marine engineering firm STX Marine, Inc., with increased cargo and fuel capacities. The total fuel oil capacity is 241,141 US gallons, fuel oil day-tanks have a capacity of 20,190 US gallons, drill water and ballast capacity is 562,822 US gallons, potable water capacity is 57,494 US gallons, liquid mud capacity is 20,846 bbls in 10 tanks, dry bulk mud capacity is 14,347 ft3 seven tanks, and methanol capacity  is 1,605  bbls in two tanks. The clear deck area is 10,585 ft2.

HOS has six other OSVs under contract with Eastern Shipbuilding. They are 302 ft x 64 ft x 26 ft designated HOSMAX 310 Offshore Support Vessels. The total below-deck capacities of the HOSMAX 310 include 285,649 gals of diesel fuel, 609,227 gals of drill/ballast water, 21,509 bbls of liquid mud, 14,347 ft3 of dry-bulk mud, 2,212 bbls of methanol and 62,538 gals of potable water.

All ten of the HOSMAX Offshore Supply Vessels under contract are USCG, ABS Classed A1, Offshore Support Vessel and Ocean Service, Loadline, AMS, ACCU, Circle E, DPS-2 with additional ABS Class notations UWILD, ENVIRO, FFV-1 and certified under SOLAS/IMO.

Additionally, HOS has contracted with Eastern for two HOSMAX 310ES Multi-Purpose Supply Vessels (MPSVs) with accommodations for 73 persons, a 250 MT subsea crane, moon pool, helideck and two ROV/LARS units.

The two HOSMAX 310ES Multi-Purpose Platform Supply Vessels are to be ABS Classed Hull and Machinery, Oceans Service and reviewed for the United States Coast Guard under the Alternate Compliance Program (ACP 2-95) with the following Class Notations, A1, AMS,  ACCU, DPS-2, UWILD, FFV-1, Circle E, Offshore Support Vessel (HNLS, HDC, HLC), GP, RRDA, HELIDK, ENVIRO, CRC, SPS (Special Purpose Ship), and certified under SOLAS/IMO.

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