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Davie launches Resolve class naval support vessel

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Resolve class vessel will be largest naval vessel ever delivered by a Canadian shipyard

OCTOBER 16, 2017 — Davie Shipbuilding, Lévis, Quebec, Canada, reports that during the weekend it launched the Asterix. The Resolve-class naval support vessel, created by converting a containership, will be the largest naval vessel ever to be delivered from a Canadian shipyard – on time, to budget and at an internationally competitive cost.

Commissioning of all onboard systems began in early September and on November 16 the ship is set to perform its sea-trials prior to achieving Full Operational Capability (FOC). During the sea-trials – overseen by Lloyd’s Register – the ship’s safety, quality, systems and functionality will be tested against the high military standards and specifications to which it has been built

Over 900 Canadian companies have contributed to the build of the ship, including the supply of key military-specified equipment such as its Integrated Navigational and Tactical System (INTS), its NATO-compliant Replenishment-At-Sea (RAS) systems and its naval Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS).

Alex Vicefield, Chairman of Davie Shipbuilding, commented, “The delivery of this ship has clearly demonstrated that there is a Canadian shipyard capable of delivering complex naval platforms on time, to budget and at internationally competitive prices. In the knowledge that the Royal Canadian Navy needed this ship urgently, our 1,400 staff have worked day and night to ensure that it is not only delivered on time but that it is of a quality that will be able to serve Canada proudly for decades to come. The success of this multi-functional design, which is equally suited to both combat and humanitarian operations, has generated worldwide interest from foreign navies.”

Spencer Fraser, CEO of Federal Fleet Services, the Davie sister company that will operate the ship with a mixed crew of merchant seafarers and Royal Canadian Navy personnel, added, “Our Canadian crew are all onboard and are ready to begin operations alongside the Royal Canadian Navy. We have prepared for this moment for two years and we will very soon be ready to support Canadian Forces in any theater of operations, worldwide, at a minute’s notice.”

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