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Cummins expands Tier 3 compliant generator line

Written by Marine Log Staff
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FEBRUARY 16, 2016—Marine diesel engine manufacturer Cummins Inc. has expanded its EPA Tier 3-certified marine product line with the addition of the 55-kW MDDCM, a new Onan marine U.S. generator. 

Designed for lower emissions and excellent sound and vibration mitigation, the MDDCM will be available in March 2016.

“The expansion of our EPA Tier 3 marine product line-up to 55 kW with the MDDCM provides our customers a higher power option in a more environmentally-friendly product than previously available from Cummins Onan,” says Brian Barnes, Marketing Leader, Onan Marine.

“Last year, Cummins announced the creation of a dedicated Cummins Marine organization to better serve its recreational, government service and commercial marine customers. One benefit of this organization is a more efficient and singularly focused business, which will allow us to bring improved and new products to market faster, and better address our marine customers’ needs,” Barnes says.

The MDDCM joins the company’s extensive Tier 3-certified marine product line, which includes engines from 6.7 to 50 litres and generators from 17 to 55 kW. Cummins Tier 3- certified engines 19 liters and below and Onan marine generators also meet future U.S. emissions requirements, and will be available for the foreseeable future.

All Onan marine generators, including the MDDCM, feature advanced sound shields for lower sound and an optimized mounting system for reduced vibration. Plus, all are available with a Cummins Onan digital display for user-friendly diagnostics, including extensive engine and alternator information, self-diagnostic features and text display.


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