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Cat Marine busy with second MaK dual fuel conversion

Written by Nick Blenkey
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AUGUST 3, 2015 — Caterpillar Marine reports that it is currently underway on a dual fuel engine retrofit conversion involving the 472 ft tanker Fure West, owned by Sweden’s Furetank Rederi A/B. The vessel’s MaK M 43 C diesel engine is being retrofitted in-hull to a 7 cylinder M 46 dual fuel platform, with each cylinder developing 900 kW of rated power.

Caterpillar is also supplying the complete gas system for the tanker, including bunker stations, two LNG tanks each measuring 4.15 m by 24 m, and the vaporizer.

This project, backed by the European Union will be the second MaK engine dual fuel retrofit.

In 2014, Caterpillar successfully completed the dual fuel engine retrofit conversion on the Anthony Veder Coral Anthelia LNG carrier.

“We’re pleased to continue to build upon our successful track record of dual fual conversions in the commercial marine industry and offer an increased scope of supply to our customers,” said Caterpillar Marine senior engineer Finn Voglerd. “We have a market-ready technology available that our commercial marine customers can be completely confident in and after our success onboard the Coral Anthelia, we have seen the demand for MaK dual fuel solutions increase substantially.”

With a bore of 460 millimeters and stroke of 610 millimeter, the M 46 dual fuel engine was designed for electric drive propulsion systems as well as mechanical propulsion systems.

Although designed for unlimited operation on LNG, marine diesel oil and heavy fuel oil, Cat Marine says the M 46 DF will attain industry-leading efficiency in gas mode.

The M 46 DF was strategically engineered to allow for the retrofitting of current M 43 C engines. Similarly, existing M 32 E engines can be retrofitted to the MaK M 34 DF dual fuel platform. As a result of the synergies between the two platforms, Caterpillar can perform in hull retrofit conversions without having to move the engine block or perform extensive machining.
Cat dealer Pon Power had a significant role in the Fure West conversion, project.

“We’re able to differentiate our solutions in the market by offering a collaborative partnership with our dealers to ensure the retrofit conversions are completed in an expedited manner and with a reduced number of parties involved as a result of our ability to provide the complete gas system for a vessel as well,” said Mr, Vogler.

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