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Canada takes delivery of two SAR lifeboats

Written by Nick Blenkey
SAR lifeboat

Canadian Coast Guard SAR lifeboat CCGS Chedabucto Bay [Photo credit: Chantier Naval Forillon]

The Canadian Coast Guard yesterday marked the delivery of the search and rescue (SAR) lifeboats CCGS Gabarus Bay and CCGS Chedabucto Bay. The vessels were built by Hike Metal Products Ltd of Wheatley, Ontario, and Chantier Naval Forillon of Gaspé, Quebec, respectively.

The Canadian Coast Guard is to take delivery of a total of 20 search and rescue lifeboats under Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy. In 2018, Chantier Naval Forillon and Hike Metal Products were awarded contracts for the construction of four new SAR lifeboats each, building on an existing contract awarded in 2015 to build six SAR lifeboats each. The total value of the contracts for the SAR lifeboats is CAD 180 million (about US$ 135 million).

The CCGS Chedabucto Bay will be stationed in Clark’s Harbour, Nova Scotia while the CCGS Gabarus Bay will be stationed in Burgeo, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Designed by Robert Allan Ltd., the Bay Class SAR lifeboats are specifically designed, equipped, and crewed to respond to SAR incidents at sea. These self-righting vessels can operate up to 100 nautical miles from shore, maintain a maximum 30 minute state-of-readiness, and are typically ready to respond the moment an alert is received.

They are also equipped to assist in marine environmental response operations.

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