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C-Job Naval Architects ammonia as marine fuel research nominated for Maritime Designer Award

Written by Kevin Fuhrman
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C-Job Naval Architects’ Niels de Vries has been nominated for the Dutch Maritime Designer Award for his research on “Safe and effective application of ammonia as a marine fuel.”

The Maritime Designer Award will be awarded during the Maritime Awards Gala on November 4.

De Vries, Lead Naval Architect at C-Job, recently published his research that showed that ammonia can be safely and effectively applied as a marine fuel to reduce harmful emissions in the maritime industry.

“I’m honored my research has been nominated for the prestigious Maritime Designer Award,” said de Vries. “Also, I’m grateful that renewable fuels for the maritime industry receives additional attention this way as it’s an important issue.”

The Maritime Designer Award is awarded to individual designers, promovendi, recent graduates and start-ups who want to highlight their work and approach. The winner will receive a maximum of €24.000 to invest in further development of their design method or solution.

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