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Becker reports strong orders for rudders, ducts

Written by Nick Blenkey

becker rudderOCTOBER 17, 2013 — Hamburg, Germany, based Becker Marine Systems says that it has won orders to equip five 18,000-TEU containerships under construction for China Shipping Container Lines (CSCL) with effective high performance rudders. It says that other large orders mean it “can confidently look ahead into a bright future.”

Becker twisted leading edge rudder

The 18,000 TEU containerships, currently under construction for CSCL at the Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard in South Korea, will be among the largest cargo ships in the world.

Henning Kuhlmann, Managing Director of Becker Marine Systems says that CSCL sets great store in the quality of the rudders.

“Towing tank tests conducted in Asia turned out positively in favor of our rudders,” he notes.

Thanks to customization, ships equipped with a Becker rudder are more fuel efficient and robust than those employing conventional rudder technology, the company says.

Other significant recent contracts awarded Becker include an order for eleven twisted leading edge king support rudders for 10,000-TEU ships ordered by Seaspan Ship Management Ltd. based in Canada.

“It’s entirely possible for us to be awarded subsequent orders, because this series is likely to be extended to a total of 20 to 25 ships,” says Mr. Kuhlmann.

Also on Becker’s order book are for four rudders for 9,400-TEU MSC containerships and flap rudders for two Anchor Handling Tug Supply ships being built in China.


Another success story has been the Becker Mewis Duct. As we reported yesterday, the highly efficient energy-saving nozzle is receiving glowing endorsement from owners such as Euronav, which is so impressed by the fuel savings that the ducts deliver that it is retrofitting them to all its ships.

Becker Marine Systems sold its 500th Mewis Duct in August this year. It is being installed on a vessel under construction in China for Lübeck, Germany, based Oldendorff Carriers.

Other recent orders for the duct include:

1 unit for a 81,000-DWT (dead weight tonne) bulk carrier for India’s Great Eastern Shipping Company
4 units for 93,000-DWT bulk carriers owned by Italy’s D’Amato
2 units for 37,500-DWT Seahorse bulk carriers owned by the Nordic Hamburg Group shipping company
2 units for 57,000-DWT bulk carriers owned by Greece’s EF Shipping

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