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AMO ends strike against American Steamship Company

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asc-corner-logoThe American Maritime Officers union strike against American Steamship Company has ended with an agreement to extend the current contract through – at a minimum – the end of the 2011 Great Lakes shipping season, and with confidence on both sides that a successor agreement can be reached that ensures the long-term job and benefit security of AMO members while addressing the competitive needs of the company.

“I thank all AMO officers and stewards in the American Steamship fleet for their patience and support,” said AMO National President Tom Bethel. “We are all proud of your strength and solidarity, and your commitment to integrity, to each other and to our union.

“The first order of business will be for AMO members to prepare to get back to doing what they do better than any other maritime officers in the world – their jobs,” Mr. Bethel said. “When the boats are operating and service has been restored to ASC customers, AMO will schedule meetings with the company and resume our work on a successor agreement.

“AMO and ASC are now confident and committed to reaching an agreement prior to the beginning of the 2012 operating season – an agreement that ensures the job and benefit security of AMO members and addresses the company’s competitive needs,” Mr, Bethel said.

American Steamship Company, a subsidiary of GATX Corporation (NYSE:GMT) today announced that it will restart vessel operation as the AMO employees return to work.

David W. Foster, president of American Steamship Company said, “We are pleased that ASC and the AMO have agreed on a path forward. We will commence operations on the Great Lakes as soon as possible. ASC is committed to minimizing disruption for our customers, and the AMO has agreed to work with us to ensure a prompt and efficient restart of operations. It remains our goal to reach a fair and equitable long-term agreement with our licensed crew members that allows ASC to become more competitive on the Great Lakes.”

August 5, 2011

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