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Aegir-Marine beach volley ball team headed for Rio

Written by Nick Blenkey
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JUNE 27, 2016 — Molenvliet, Netherlands, based stern tube seal and propulsion system service specialist Aegir-Marine reports that its beach volley ball team — led by Jantine van der Vlist and Sophie van Gestel — has won the Continental Cup in Stavanger, Norway, winning a ticket to Rio de Janeiro to compete in the 2016 Olympics.

Aegir-Marine has been the Dutch team’s sponsor for eight years.

“We recognized their ambition. It resembles ours,” says Ruud Muis, general director Aegir-Marine, “they aim for the best. They go for that golden medal.”We are unbelievably proud on what they have shown the word this weekend.
They’ve worked so hard for four years. We have witnessed their ups-and-downs and we have seen how they never gave up. They are real go-getters. Hats off for these women!”

Aegir-Marine, incidentally, calls itself “The Happy Company.”

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