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ABS completes EU MRV emissions monitoring plan assessment

Written by Nick Blenkey
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JULY 5, 2017 — Classification society ABS has completed an EU MRV monitoring plan assessment for the lead vessel in the Prime Tanker Management fleet.

“Completion of this assessment represents a significant milestone for Prime Tanker Management,” says ABS Vice President for Global Marine Peter Fitzpatrick. “As the first class organization accredited to perform EU MRV assessments, ABS is leading the way in helping streamline and simplify the compliance process for shipowners and operators.”

Central to the EU MRV requirements are key deadlines for shipowners and operators to develop an emissions monitoring plan, implement the plan and submit a report that is verified by an independent third party. As an independent third party, ABS helps with EU MRV compliance by assessing that plans are aligned with the applicable requirements and can verify that emissions reporting is prepared in conformance with the accepted monitoring plan.

“Reputation and quality service delivery were two important factors in selecting an accredited third party to perform our EU MRV monitoring plan assessments and verification work,” says Prime Tanker Management Technical Manager Frantzeskos D. Kontos. “By selecting ABS for this project, we were able to leverage their global support and experience to support EU MRV compliance of our fleet, while also helping reduce the operational impacts from compliance.”

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