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317,000 dwt VLCC has 100,000 ton BWT

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ballasttreatvlccOman Shipping Company (OSC) today took delivery of a 317,000 dwt VLCC from Hyundai Heavy Industries. According to the shipbuilder, the tanker is the first to be equipped with a new ballast water treatment (BWT) system that uses electrolysis to treat as much as 100,000 tons of ballast water.

IMO (International Maritime Organization) regulations require that all new ships to be delivered from 2012 and all ships in service from 2017 have a BWT system installed. The market for ballast water treatment systems is predicted to grow to over $30 billion, notes Hyundai Heavy Industries, which has also developed BWT systems based on filtration and UV sterilization.

January 10, 2011

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