OKEE Maritime adopts StormGeo’s CII solution

Written by Nick Blenkey
OKEE Shipping is using StormGeo solution for CII

Hamburg, Germany, headquartered OKEE Maritime GmbH, which manages a fleet of ten container vessels in regional feeder services worldwide, is using StormGeo‘s digitalization tools to improve environmental performance, including StormGeo’s route optimization and fleet performance management solutions.

The fleet performance management solution gives the company access to StormGeo’s s-Insight platform for environmental performance, which includes the newly released Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) Simulator.

StormGeo’s CII Simulator is a first-to-market solution. It delivers a flexible, powerful, and actionable tool to collaborate on operational deployment to achieve desired CII ratings. With the CII Simulator, OKEE Maritime is prepared for the impending industry challenges associated with upcoming IMO’s regulations giving it a competitive edge.

“Our vessels are competitive, and we want them to continue this way,” said Bastian Herkendell, fleet manager at OKEE Maritime. “StormGeo CII Simulator supports us in determining CII ratings and finding ways to improve them through implementing operational measures.”

OKEE Maritime will also receive StormGeo’s alert services as part of its fleet performance management solution. Specialists from StormGeo’s fleet performance center provide customized alerts of vessel performance and inform crew onboard and shore-based fleet managers. These services will help OKEE Maritime improve ship-to-shore transparency and operational efficiency.

“Having transparency in our operations that includes CII tools supports us in optimizing operational efficiency jointly with our charterer,” says Bastian.”With StormGeo’s solution, OKEE can adapt to new market requirements and embrace innovation and new technologies.”

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