Lloyd’s Register withdraws services to Russia

Written by Nick Blenkey
Lloyd's Register

As Russian aggression in Ukraine continues, more organizations are continuing to cease providing services to Russian-controlled entities.

Today, classification society Lloyd’s Register (LR) said it is disengaging from provision of all services to Russian-owned, controlled or managed assets or companies.

“Lloyd’s Register has been closely monitoring the very concerning situation in Ukraine over the past two weeks,” it said. “Based on the latest legislative requirements taking effect in the United Kingdom, the European Union and United States, LR has confirmed that it will disengage from the provision of all services to Russian owned, controlled or managed assets or companies.”


Meantime, DNV said today that “as a result of the invasion of Ukraine,” it “will not enter into new business with Russian companies nor into new business activities in Russia. DNV will follow international sanctions and the intentions behind them. We are reviewing all ongoing contracts and operations with Russian entities.”

Remi Eriksen, DNV Group president and CEO, said, “We are deeply disturbed by the invasion of Ukraine, which is inflicting terrible harm to the citizens of Ukraine and threatening peace across the region. Our top priority is the safety of our people, and we are working to ensure our employees have the support they need. We have decided not to enter into new business with Russian companies nor into new business activities in Russia. We are evaluating our existing business portfolio and will wind down business that is not in line with our values.”

DNV employs three people in Ukraine, and says it is supplying them with all relevant support and advice. DNV has 22 employees in Russia.


Regardless of sanctions requirements, it seems likely that today’s announcements from Lloyd’s Register and DNV will be followed by the withdrawal of a wide range of maritime service providers from the Russian market.

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