Derecktor to build hybrid organic food transportation vessel

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Derecktor hybrid vessel

DECEMBER 1, 2016 — Derecktor Shipyards of Mamaroneck, NY, is to build its third hybrid vessel: a catamaran organic food transportation platform.

It has teamed with Harbor Harvest of East Norwalk, CT, a food market that describes itself as “dedicated to developing the relationship between Farmer, Harbor and Customer” with a mission “to provide convenient access to healthy, nutritious food sourced from local and regional farms and artisans at a price that supports the local community.”

The hybrid vessel will play a vital role in helping deliver on that mission.

Derecktor and Harbor Harvest have teamed to create an eco-friendly marine coastal network that will integrate a retail space along with the support of the organic farm market in the Connecticut/Long Island Gold Coast and Long Island Sound area.

The vessel will combine the quality construction that Derecktor’’s reputation is built on, with the application of a cutting edge BAE HybriDrive propulsion system utilizing Cummins QSB6.7 engines.

The vessel is based on a 19 m aluminum catamaran platform designed for efficient operation in coastal waters. Reconfigured to carry 9,000 pounds of protected refrigerated cargo and 3,000 pounds of deck cargo, the vessel can travel approximately three voyage hours without recharge emission free on its lithium battery component.

The trade routes have already been tested to confirm the fuel efficiency and battery life, and the vessel will be able to be charged at shore side facilities along its route. Trade routes have been determined based on farm locations and will support a wide range of coastal area.

Derecktor says the forward-thinking project will work to move freight back onto the water, decongesting roadways and providing one of the most environmentally sustainable farm to market systems that is in operation today.

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