Tier IV tug Jane McAllister arrives in Virginia

Written by Nick Blenkey
Jane McAllister on the wayer

The Jane McAllister was built by Washburn & Doughty[Photo: Washburn & Doughty]

McAllister Towing’s Tier IV tug Jane McAllister has arrived in the Port of Virginia. The 93 foot long by 38 foot beam vessel is equipped with 3516E Tier IV Caterpillar engines producing 6,770 horsepower and powering twin Schottel SRP 490 Z- drive units. During ABS bollard pull certification, the Jane achieved a bollard pull of over 91 short tons. Combining the eco-friendly CAT engines with Markey winches on the bow and stern makes the Jane one of the most advanced and powerful shipdocking tractor tugs serving the port of Virginia.

The Jane McAllister was recently delivered from Washburn & Doughty, where construction of the tug was overseen by McAllister’s engineering manager Martin Costa.

“The Jane will not only meet, but exceed the needs, handling the ever-increasing size of vessels calling Virginia,” said Captain J. Elliott Westall, McAllister Towing of Virginia’s vice president and general manager. “This tug is joining our fleet of six other tractor tugs, and will enable us to continue safely handling the gentle giants calling the Port of Virginia. Having exceptional control and power, the Jane is the new ‘Queen of Hampton Roads’ and everyone that works on or with her can be confident in her abilities to deliver unsurpassed service for our customers.”

McAllister president & CEO B. Buckley McAllister added, “We are proud that the Jane is the tenth tug in our fleet with over 80 metric tons of bollard pull and escort capability, making our fleet one of the best in the country for the larger ships entering into service.”

The Jane McAllister was christened at her launch by Jane Woodfield Morin, daughter of Alexandra McAllister Woodfield. Both Jane and Alexandra are direct descendants of James McAllister, who founded McAllister Towing in 1864.

Jane McAllister tug working Zim containership
The Jane McAllister on one of her first jobs, assisting the ZIM Mount Everest in Hampton Roads, Va. [Photo: McAllister Towing]
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