Port NOLA inks MoU on LNG fueling

Written by Marine Log Staff
Group picture at LNG MOU signing

Pictured from left to right at the signing event are Janine M. Mansour, Commercial Director Port NOLA; Jeff Woods, CEO CLEANCOR; Brandy D. Christian President and CEO Port NOLA and CEO NOPB; Richard Teubner, Vice President SEACOR. [Photo: Port NOLA]

The Port of New Orleans has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with SEACOR Holdings subsidiary CLEANCOR Energy Solutions LLC. The two parties are to collaborate on ways to provide liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueling solutions to ship owners and operators within Port NOLA’s jurisdiction looking to benefit from reduced environmental emissions.

CLEANCOR will work with the port to help provide LNG to customers and marine operators in Port NOLA’s jurisdiction. The port will provide CLEANCOR with data, logistics expertise, customer contacts and introductions and marketing support.

“We are pleased to partner on this MOU with CLEANCOR to ensure we provide Port NOLA tenants and customers with the best options for the most efficient and effective operations,” said Brandy Christian, president and CEO Port NOLA and CEO of the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad. “LNG paves the way of the future and provides a suitable and sustainable fuel source for the diverse cargo operations on our terminals and in our jurisdiction.”

CLEANCOR will work to educate port customers and other local stakeholders on the environmental and financial benefits of LNG bunkering. In collaboration with the port, CLEANCOR will develop options for infrastructure development that integrate into Port NOLA’s long-range planning.

“CLEANCOR is proud to partner with the Port of New Orleans on the development of LNG bunkering infrastructure,” said Jeff Woods, CEO CLEANCOR. “Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of low carbon fueling solutions and this constitutes an exciting opportunity to not only advance the region’s first such project, but also to contribute to the decarbonization of the maritime sector.”

CLEANCOR will also provide options for LNG bunkering that are compatible with forecast customer demand and collaborate with Port NOLA to obtain needed federal, state, and other authorizations.

Both CLEANCOR and Port NOLA will identify, attract and serve customers in Port NOLA’s jurisdiction that use LNG fuel, jointly solicit sources of grant funding to help incentivize early adopters and collaborate to share information on infrastructure necessary to support LNG bunkering.

A proposed expansion of the Port NOLA complex with the addition of an international container terminal in St. Bernard Parish opens opportunity for new businesses and industries as well as fuel source options.

The agreement with CLEANCOR builds on Port NOLA’s existing strategic relationship with SEACOR Holdings that provides one of the country’s largest container-on-barge operations. The service between Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Memphis and St. Louis continues to thrive and offers shippers an efficient and environmentally friendly option for moving their cargo. The service repositions empty containers from Memphis and St. Louis to Baton Rouge and New Orleans, where they are then loaded with exports and shipped to global markets.

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