Latest McAllister tug is JonRie equipped

Written by Nick Blenkey
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NOVEMBER 24, 2014 — JonRie InterTech, LLC, Manahawkin, NJ, has supplied its fifth ship set of Full Bollard Pull Winches to McAllister Towing of New York. They are installed on the latest addition to the McAllister fleet, the 92 ft x 32 ft Tate McAllister. Designed and built by shipbuilder Washburn & Doughty of East Boothbay, ME, the 6,000 HP Z-drive tug has a bollard pull of 90 tons.

In the recover mode, the tug’s JonRie Series 250 Escort Winch is designed to handle the full bollard pull of the vessel. The winch is capable of 180,000 lb (90 ton) Line pull, making it ideal for escort work at LNG Terminals and ship assist of the new generation of very large containerships.

Other features of the winch include Active Heave Compensation and a FULL Render/ FULL Recover feature that will also allow the tug to freewheel away for its tow and heave in at any speed.

The winch system includes JonRie’s standard foot control to allow for hands free operation of the winch.  Also included in the system is JonRie’s Tension readout system with side lights and dimming for night use.

The winch drum has the capacity to spool 500′ (165 meters) of 8″ hawser, a brake capacity of 600,000 lb (300 tons) and a line speed of 100 fpm (35 m/m).

The direct drive design allows for the quick response to fast loading inertia that an Escort Winch must endure. The 300 HP Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) and controls are all the in-house design of JonRie InterTech.

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