U.S. barge market will be in focus at TTB

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Ken Eriksen

Speakers at Marine Log’s upcoming TTB—Tugs, Towboats & Barges event will include IHS Markit senior VP Ken Eriksen, who will discuss the inland barge and towboat market, including data from IHS Markit’s annual Barge Fleet Profile and Barge Commodity Profile reports, due for release just before TTB, which is being held at the Renaissance Mobile Riverview Plaza in Mobile, Ala., March 24 & 25.

TTB will build on our previous TUGS & BARGES events but with expanded waterways industry coverage.

Eriksen will also include material on the coastal business too, and says, “there is lots to discuss including the supply and demand for barge service, drivers of demand such as US-China trade, energy, global consumption issues and challenges, etc.”

Check out the program and register to attend HERE

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