NETSCo’s Jan Flores discusses challenges for BWMS retrofits and more

Written by Kevin Fuhrman
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In Marine Log’s latest Listen Up! podcast, we sit in with Jan Flores, vice president of NETSCo Inc., to learn more about ballast water management system retrofitting ahead of IMO BWMS and Coast Guard compliance deadlines. In this podcast, listeners will discover what the challenges are, best and worst-case scenarios, and other considerations shipowners need to be made aware of. Mr. Flores wraps up his discussion with details on the most recent IMO and Coast Guard regulatory requirements.

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Choice Ballast Solutions’ John Dooley Digs in Deeper on BWMS and Regulatory Requirements

John P. Dooley is the president and co-founder of Choice Ballast Solutions. The company supports all phases of ballast water management planning and retrofitting and delivers effective installation and compliance project oversite. He joins in the discussion on ballast water management systems approved prior to IMO standards and recent IMO and Coast Guard regulatory requirements and new information on extensions, in addition to IMO’s MEPC committee decision to endorse the view that commissioning testing should begin as soon as possible.

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