Norwegian BWTS gains U.S. Coast Guard approval

Written by Nick Blenkey
Norwegian Greentech BWTS

Norwegian Greentech BWTS system features a compact size and low energy requirements

Fosnavåg, Norway, based Norwegian Greentech reports that it has received the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Type Approval for its ballast water treatment system (BWTS).

Norwegian Greentech, which is a HAV subsidiary says its BWTS system has proved to be a popular choice among many shipowners due to its compact size and low energy requirements, which contribute to both lower capital and operating expenses for shipowners.The company has increased its revenues tenfold since 2018, with the majority of the growth related to high demand and new contracts for BWTS for vessels, especially retrofits.

Further, part of the growth derives from Norwegian Greentech’s method of utilizing UV and filters on highly compact and energy-efficient wat

BWTS manufacturers sales and marketing directpr
Børge Gjelseth, sales and marketing director at Norwegian Greentech.

“The main benefit of the USCG approval is that shipowners with Norwegian Greentech’s system on board now can sail anywhere they want, including the U.S.,” says Børge Gjelseth, sales and marketing director at Norwegian Greentech.

With USCG Type Approval, Norwegian Greentech’s systems can now be installed and utilized by all ships; those that sail in U.S. waters today and those that may sail in them in the future.

The requirements for the USCG type approval are stricter than the conditions companies have to meet to gain IMO approval for their BWTS. While Norwegian Greentech’s system is also IMO approved, by obtaining USCG approval, says Norwegian Greentech, its technology has satisfied the strictest demands for ballast water treatment systems.

“We are very proud of having completed a very demanding USCG approval process, which basically creates a solid platform for further growth,” adds Gjelseth.

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