Southwest Shipyard

Southwest Shipyard to build diesel electric ferry for TxDOT

Two of this class of ferries were delivered in 2011 and construction of the latest vessel, which is a diesel-electric version, will begin this fall. EBDG will serve as the owner’s representative.

TxDOT is a long-time EBDG client, and the firm has provided support to the agency since 2008. Following the successful completion of a multi-phased design effort for the first two 28-car ferries to offer service between Port Aransas and Harbor Island, EBDG was selected by TxDOT in 2014 to provide four years of on-call support. The first project under the new contract was for the design of the diesel-electric version of the 28-car ferry.

The new ABS-classed diesel-electric ferry has a length of 161 feet overall, a beam of 52 feet, a depth of approximately 11 feet and a draft of 8 feet.

Design updates to the interior, including the propulsion system, will translate into a vessel that has greater built-in redundancy and requires less maintenance over its lifetime.

The new ferry is set to enters service in February 2017.

“EBDG is pleased to be providing the new generation of ferries for Port Aransas,” stated EBDG VP of Engineering, Brian King. “It’s nice to be once again working with TxDOT and Southwest Shipyard for the construction of another ferry. I am confident that Southwest Shipyard will do an excellent job.”