Ferry at shipyard

Fully-electric ferry features Schottel propulsion

Equipped with two Schottel RudderPropellers, the 42- by 11-meter Sandøy is the first-fully electric ferry for Norwegian operator Brevik Fergeselskap. Recently launched by Holland Shipyards Group, it will operate operate in the

Rendering of dredge

Schottel gives TSHD maximum maneuverability

A 1,500-cubic-meter trailing suction hopper dredge (TSHD) under construction by Netherlands-based Kooiman Marine Group will have optimum maneuverability, even in narrow rivers, thanks to a relatively short length of about 75.9 meters

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Schottel launches new generation of thrusters

JUNE 20, 2013 — Spay/Rhine, Germany, headquartered Schottel says a new generation of Schottel Rudderpropellers (SRP) and Twin Propellers (STP) is Compact, modular and performance-optimized. Schottel SRP 4000 The thruster housing, e.g.