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Economou’s Ocean Rig files for bankruptcy

MARCH 28, 2017 — Deepwater drilling company Ocean Rig UDW Inc. (NASDAQ:ORIG) and various subsidiaries have entered into a restructuring support agreement with creditors and have presented winding up petitions in the

Transocean makes statement on Brazil bribery story


Today, the company said: 

“A statement by Mr. Eduardo Costa Van Musa relating to the drilling contract for the Petrobras 10000 was made public this week through the Brazilian authorities investigating corrupt practices relating to Petrobras. In his statement, Mr. Musa said he believed he received payments from someone claiming to be a commercial representative of Transocean even though Mr. Musa also asserted that no such payments were necessary as Transocean had been awarded the contract as it was the best technical and economic bidder in a competitive process.

“Transocean has not identified any wrongdoing by any employee or any of its agents in connection with the company’s business.

“Transocean is investigating these recent allegations made by Mr. Musa and will also continue its efforts to ensure no violation of company policy or law has, or will, occur. Finally, if requested, Transocean will cooperate with governmental investigations.
Transocean is committed to doing business lawfully and with the highest ethical standards. The company has in place a comprehensive compliance program that encompasses our Code of Integrity and related policies, including requirements for risk-based due diligence of third parties, regular training, audits and more. In addition, Transocean has been following the ongoing investigations in Brazil and has taken what it and its outside counsel believe are appropriate responsive measures.”

At noon, Transocean’s stock was trading at $12.68.

Seadrill cancels rig order at Hyundai Heavy

The unit was ordered during the second quarter of 2012 and the delivery date stated in the construction contract was by December 31, 2014.

“Due to the shipyard’s inability to deliver the unit within the timeframe required under the contract, the company has exercised its cancelation rights,” says Seadrill, which notes that, under the contract terms, it has the ability to recoup its $168 million in pre-delivery installments to the shipyard, plus accrued interest.

In fourth quarter 2012, Seadrill was awarded a five year contract for the West Mira with Husky Oil Operations for operations in Canada and Greenland.

In its second quarter earnings report, Seadrill reported that, due to the late delivery of West Mira, the company had tentatively agreed with Husky to reduce the dayrate of the West Mira drilling contract.

Seadrill says it remains in discussions with Husky to find an alternative solution to meet its drilling requirements.

Ensco sells two oldies

FEBRUARY 4, 2014 —  Offshore drilling contractor Ensco plc (ESV) has sold its two remaining cold-stacked jack-up rigs for $33 million. The net book value of the two rigs, ENSCO 69 and