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Shipping: Living with the new normal

JANUARY 19, 2017 — More than 200 marine industry leaders came together at the Danish Maritime Forum in Copenhagen this past October to find answers to some of the big questions facing

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Finding answers to five challenges facing maritime industry

The report is a product of the discussions that took place at the by-invitation-only maritime summit in Copenhagen last month, which brought together more than 200 industry senior leaders, government officials and other influential decision-makers and opinion shapers from across the global maritime industry.

Working in groups, the participants addressed five critical issues: the imperative to innovate, how to attract the next generation of maritime leaders, how to improve the public’s perception of the industry, opportunities and challenges in investing in emerging markets and the future governance of the industry.

The main focus of discussions was on what steps might be taken to strengthen cooperation between all maritime stakeholders to benefit society and the industry at large. 

“The maritime industry is the backbone of globalization and international trade. In order to unleash its full potential and contribute to human wellbeing through growth and development all around the world most participants in the Danish Maritime Forum agreed that frontrunners in the industry could do a lot to advance collaboration, heighten standards and proactively engage with policymakers on the regulatory landscape of the future,” says Anne H. Steffensen Chairman of Danish Maritime Days. Close coordination between the many sector-specific organizations and the need for a more open and transparent approach in the traditionally inward-looking industry was also carried forward in many of the cross-cutting working group discussions. 

“The report sets out a number of interesting new ideas and ways forward concerning some of the most important challenges that the industry is facing. This illustrates the importance of working together, exchanging ideas and engaging with peers from across the industry on key issues. All key elements of the Danish Maritime Forum,” Chairman Steffensen concludes.

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