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Barge in front of methanol carrier

First barge-to-ship methanol bunkering

Advocates of methanol as a marine fuel argue that it offers much the same advantages as LNG, but with fewer complications. Helping to underscore this, the world’s first barge-to-ship bunkering of methanol

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Titan LNG carries out first barge based operation

Netherlands based Titan LNG reports that it has become the first accredited bunkering supplier to fuel a vessel with LNG using an inland waterways barge. Titan’s FlexFueler 001 carried out the operation

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Shell marks double LNG bunkering milestone

AUGUST 11, 2017 — Shell Western LNG B.V. is marking a double milestone for its LNG marine fuels business. The 6,500 cu.m LNG bunkering vessel Cardissa, ordered in 2014 from South Korean shipbuilder