Alternate Mangement System

Trojan Marinex books 12 ship BWT retrofit order

“Being the first in the world to have submitted for United States Coast Guard Type Approval, we are committed to providing vessel owners the certifications they need to not interrupt their business of trade,” says Christian Williamson, Senior VP at London, Ontario, based Trojan Technologies. “Ulusoy required not only regulatory compliance confidence but also a solution that was both compact and seamless to operate, minimizing disruption to the vessel and crew. We are very pleased to be able to meet their needs.”

“Trojan Marinex is able to offer a highly valued solution – compact, low power draw systems, an integrated service network, and compliance confidence,” says Mesut Cesur, General Manager, Ulusoy Denizyollari Isletmeciligi A.S. “We are impressed with their commitment to obtain United States Coast Guard Type Approval, and strongly feel that their systems are the best fit for these twelve vessels.”

Trojan Marinex BWT system testing for USCG Type Approval was conducted under the supervision of DNV – a certified Independent Lab (IL) by the United States Coast Guard (USCG). It was conducted in accordance with the EPA’s Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Ballast Water Protocol — a testing requirement for systems to obtain USCG Type Approval. The system is tested and approved to one of the lowest UV transmittance values in the industry, under full flow conditions, and in all three salinity ranges – fresh water, brackish water, and marine water. The entire product suite has achieved IMO Type Approval and USCG AMS Acceptance. In March 2015, a formal application for USCG Type Approval was submitted – this was the first application in the industry.

The Trojan Marinex BWT combines filtration and UV integrated in a single, compact unit. Thanks to TrojanUV Solo Lamp Technology, the system has an extremely low power draw, making it an attractive solution for large vessels such as bulkers and tankers