PODCAST: Viega’s Paul Switzer: How to eliminate costly “hot work” on pipe installation, speed ship construction

Written by Marine Log Staff
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Paul Switzer, Manager, Shipbuilding & Offshore, Viega

MAY 23, 2018 — When constructing an offshore support vessel, ferry or cruise ship, a shipyard might be required to install thousands and thousands of feet of pipe. Installing those pipes and fittings can be costly and time consuming, requiring thousands of hours of socket welding.

But what if you could eliminate all of that costly and time-consuming hot work? Back in 1999, Viega did just that when it introduced its ProPress press pipe fittingSlide Viega Logo 4c Frame ue technology for shipbuilding, offshore and industrial applications in North America. Using specially designed, user-friendly tools, the pressed connections are fitted quickly and safely into even the tightest spaces onboard a ship thanks to Viega’s patented Smart Connect system. Additionally, there’s no heat or sparking involved in the installation of the pipes as is normally the case for welded joints. This safety aspect is particularly vital if ship repairs have to be made while the vessel is at sea.

Viega’s ProPress and MegaPress press pipe fitting systems offer distinctive advantages for the shipowner, designer and shipbuilder to reduce cost, speed repairs and conform to tight production deadlines.

MARINE LOG recently spoke with Viega’s Paul Switzer, Manager, Shipbuilding & Offshore, for our Listen Up! podcast to discuss how Viega is supporting the shipbuilding market and what new products the company will be introducing in the near future.

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