Brødrene Aa to build three carbon fiber cats for China

Written by Nick Blenkey
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OCTOBER 9, 2017 — Hyen, Norway, based Brødrene Aa reports that it has signed a new contract for three additional high speed carbon fiber catamaran ferries for the Chinese market. The customer, Zhongshan-Hong Kong Passenger Shipping Coop Co., Ltd (ZS), China will be operating the ferries between Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China.

Two of the vessels in the contract will be 42 meters in length with a capacity of 300 passengers and will have maximum operating speed of 40 knots. The third vessel will also be 42 meters long, but with a capacity for 230 passengers and a max operating speed of 37 knots.

Construction of the vessels will begin at the shipyard in Hyen in November 2017 and all will be completed and delivered to Hong Kong by June 2019.

“This contract represents an important milestone in our efforts to penetrate the Chinese market,” said CEO Tor Øyvin Aa.

In 2015 Chinese Chu Kong Shipping made an equity investment in Brødrene Aa. In this partnership one objective was to establish a joint composite manufacturing facility in China as well as providing market opportunities for completed vessel from Brødrene Aa’s yard in Norway.

Composite technology has long been the construction material of choice for Brødrene Aa and the company is today recognized as a world leader for fuel efficient low emission carbon fiber ferries. It launched its first carbon fiber ferry in 2002.

“With vessels operating long hours at speeds of 40 knots you really capitalize on the benefits of carbon fiber constructions. Lighter vessels render lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions. This contract will allow us to demonstrate the benefits our vessels bring to the markets in China and other Asian markets as well,” says Tor Øyvin Aa.


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