VIDEO: Virgin Voyages releases plan for reducing COVID-19 risks

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Image: Virgin Voyages

Who would have thought that free on-board testing for COVID-19 would ever be offered as an inducement to take a cruise? In a reflection on the challenging times we’re living in, such testing is, in fact, just one of the many elements of the Voyage Well plan for tackling COVID-19 risks just rolled out by Richard Branson’s Virgin Voyages.

The plan—which Virgin says it will update as science and technology evolves—has been drawn up with the help of a Voyage Well Expert Advisory Group that includes Dr. Bill Heymann of Vikand, a leading provider of medical services to the cruise industry, and representatives of Global Public Health Services LLC, AtmosAir and EcoLab.

While much of the plan may be predictable, such as enhanced pre-boarding checks, reduced occupancy and the elimination of buffets, one interesting first of its kind for the cruise industry will see Virgin will install an air purification system from AtmosAir Solutions that utilizes bipolar ionization technology, said to have been shown to kill 99.9% of viruses.

You can learn the basics of the plan from the video and you can find more detailed information HERE.

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