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VIDEO: Golden Ray cutting picks up speed

New video released by the St. Simons Sound Response Unified Command shows the technique being used by the twin-gantry heavy lift catamaran VB 10,000 to cut the capsized car carrier Golden Ray

Golden Ray: Cutting continues

New photographs have been released giving an indication of the progress being made in cutting the wreck of the capsized car carrier Golden Ray into sections. The cuts are being made by

VIDEO: Golden Ray cutting now underway

After waiting for weather windows and overcoming a number of technical difficulties, the Unified Command (USCG, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Gallagher Marine Systems) working on the salvage of the capsized car

Golden Ray salvage ops move ahead

With the giant twin-gantry, twin-barge catamaran VB-10,000 now on-site in St. Simons Sound, Ga., responders have been taking the final preparatory steps needed as it starts cutting into the capsized car carrier