Tidewater makes two leadership promotions

Written by Marine Log Staff
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L to R: Sam Rubio and David Darling

Offshore services major Tidewater Inc. (NYSE: TDW) has named Sam Rubio as Chief Financial Officer and David Darling as Chief Operating Officer.

“The leadership and ingenuity these two individuals have demonstrated by helping to reshape our operations in response to the pandemic epitomizes the Tidewater culture,” said Tidewater President and CEO Quintin Kneen. “For all intents and purposes, Sam and David have been performing in these roles since early 2020 – and these promotions recognize and reward them for their valuable contributions.”

“Since the 2018 merger with GulfMark Offshore, Sam has served as the company’s Chief Accounting Officer and has been instrumental in the design and implementation of our new accounting and financial infrastructure,” said Kneen. “Sam drove the significant cost savings and increase in administrative efficiency the company has demonstrated following the merger and was instrumental in adjusting the shore base organization to reflect the changing market conditions.

“The company also reduced long-term debt by over $250 million since the merger, and Sam will lead the continued management of our industry-leading balance sheet. Sam was previously the Chief Financial Officer of GulfMark Offshore and brings 16 years of industry experience, as well as 40 years of accounting and finance experience, to the role.

“David has over 30 years of experience in offshore vessel industry operations. He began his career as a vessel captain in 1984 and first joined Tidewater upon its merger with Zapata Gulf Marine in 1991. David assumed executive responsibility for our safety program for 2020 and we achieved the best annual safety record in the history of the company with no loss time incidents for the year.

“He also has been instrumental in the implementation of our revised geographic footprint, reducing operating locations while simultaneously increasing operational efficiency. David has served in multiple executive roles and has been stationed in multiple countries around the world for Tidewater, GulfMark Offshore, and Zapata Gulf Marine. David is a demonstrated leader in the offshore industry and his experience as a vessel captain gives him unmatched insight into day-to-day operations.”

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