Port of Corpus Christi to get a Suezmax-capable oil dock

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Port Corpus Christi approves lease agreement for 41 acres on Inner Harbor with Howard Energy Partners

JULY 24, 2017 — The Port of Corpus Christi, Texas, has approved a long-term lease agreement with Maverick Terminals Corpus LLC, a subsidiary of Howard Energy Partners.

The 30-year lease agreement covers approximately 41 acres of land on the north side of the Corpus Christi Ship Channel in the Inner Harbor and will see Port of Corpus Christi Authority will design and construct a new oil dock, Oil Dock 20. As well as serving Mexican demands by rail, it will also be able to dock Suezmax size tankers.

With expansive growth in both Eagle Ford and Permian Basin productions and the growing global energy demand in general and in particular in Mexico, Corpus Christi continues to see large investments being made supporting the transportation of U.S. energy to Mexican consumers.

The Oil Dock 20 facility will initially serve Mexico’s transportation fuel demands by rail with an estimated target of at least two to three unit trains per week. Once the Dos Aguilas pipeline is permitted, constructed, and in-service, significantly more volume is anticipated. However, Oil Dock 20 is also targeting crude exports to international markets and will have Suezmax capability.

“Port Corpus Christi has secured its position as the number one crude oil export port in the United States. This major investment from Howard Energy Partners represents a shining example of why the Port of Corpus Christi is the Energy Port of the Americas,” said Charles W. Zahn, Chairman of the Port Corpus Christi Commission.

“This lease marks a strategic and significant expansion of our terminal network, not only for refined products but for crude oil. We are excited about the opportunities for further development, and look forward to continuing to expand our relationship with the Port of Corpus Christi,” said Brad Bynum, Howard Energy Partners Co-Founder and President.

Strategically located on the western Gulf of Mexico with a 36 mile, 47 foot (MLLW) deep channel, Port Corpus Christi is the fourth largest port in the United States in total tonnage.

Port Corpus Christi approves lease agreement for 41 acres on Inner Harbor with Howard Energy Partners

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